We are now on tour! It's been an amazing week! From Portland to Eugene to Medford to Sactown and last night in Napa at Slack Ranch! Paul Slack is the bassist from (the-two-man-metal-as-fuck) group Planets. Please check them out they are incredible. Not only is he an amazing bassist, but he is a great guy. We are currently just staying on his beautiful farm full of licorice root. Here are a couple photos from last night!


We need YOUR help!

We are so excited to start our tour next week!!! It's going to be absolutely incredible. But we still have some dates on our schedule that are open. And any help that you can offer would be greatly apperciated! Here is the schedule... Anything at all is great, HOUSE SHOWS, COFFEE SHOPS, ABANDON BARNS, OLD CHURCHES, WHEREVER!!!

MON-FRI May 2-6th -- San Diego, CA----------NEED HELP on the 2nd!
FRI May 13th -- Alburquere, NM------ NEED HELP
FRI/SAT May 20th/21st -- New Orleans, LA-----NEED HELP
TUES May 24th -- Gainsville, FL------NEED HELP
SAT May 28th -- Greensboro, NC----------NEED HELP
SUN May 29th -- Richmond, VA---------NEED HELP
MON May 30th -- Washington, D.C.---------NEED HELP
WED-SAT June 1st-4th -- New York, NY---------NEED HELP
MON June 6th -- Pittsburgh, PA----------NEED HELP
TUES June 7th -- Columbus, OH--------NEED HELP
THUR June 9th -- Indianapolis, IN--------NEED HELP
FRI June 10th -- Chicago, IL------NEED HELP
THUR June 17th -- Kansas City, KS-----------NEED HELP
FRI/SAT June 24th/25th -- Salt Lake City, UT---------NEED HELP
SUN June 26th -- Pocatello, ID (ALYSSA'S B-DAY!!!!)----------NEED HELP