Napa Valley College

An amazing photographer by the name of Katie Zachry took these photos of our Resistance Rising Talks/Performance.  Thank you!!!  More tour photos are coming soon!


A moment to recognize...

Sitting on the occupied lands of the Kumeyaay now called San Diego, I am thinking about all of the people that have brought us this far. We could not have gotten here without the help of so many wonderful lovers of life, Ben Brucker, for moral support and paying the bills when we could not. We miss you a shit ton Ben! Tyler, Adam, and the Jericho crew, Marco for always dancing, Maggie for being at every show, Ogo, Victory, Ashes and the whole fucking Autonomy Hive Collective!!!!!!!!! Chad, your spirit and messages reach us still out here. Jason and family, your companionship, chantrells and rooster kept our energies high, John Zerzan for being our main motherfucker. "FREE" for being the strongest comrade in Cascadia, and that is a small part of our Oregon support that effectively gave us the power to move forward. 

Then as we head southerly, Alix, Julio and Paul fucking SLACK! WHEW! You are fucking oasis' in a sea of shit, and we look forward to being with you all again soon. Hellarity, goodbye and thanks for the amazing night of naked revelry (and the bugs). Garner and Sarah at the green tortoise, sorry about the fire extinguisher. Then we met Joe Rose, who has become our de-facto shaman of sorts, opening us into this terrified land with a warrior's spirit and manna. Magnus and the Mike at the Miller Library and all those crazy Canucks that we stole for a few days. ET, the hippest old man you will ever want to meet. Comrade Anok, you know who you are, you saved us in so many ways brother, and I await your arrival in SD.

And now we are at the Ninja Lair, a dirty but warm little enclave in San Diego, full of bright and loving kids who have taken us in for their own and hugged us despite our lousy necks.

I went through this list rather quickly, and there are countless other names to be added, but I wanted to get this down now while it is fresh on my heart. It is very important, I believe, to be vocal about your gratitude. To recognize those that strike meaning in our lives is as vital as vocalizing our disdain for those who would sooner see us dead than free. It is to these people, and these places, these ancestors and these children that I pray today. Many days of warmth and nights of dancing to you all. And to the shit talking scenesters who travel the country spitting our name like venom, you truly are a "broken" crew, and you need to know that we are on your tail. It is no wonder we are so weak some days when bands like you are allowed to maneuver in and out of the community unscathed, speaking poison and retreating to your lifestylist ways. You too shall pass.


treeman spoke unto the wizards

...the treeman of venice beach, son of the king of the lost city of atlantis, spoke to warrior whitmen,
"i am just an illusion from another reality in your imagination. if you shut off your ears so you couldn't hear me and shut off your eyes so you couldn't see me, and shut off your mind so you didn't think of me, i wouldn't exist. i'd be just another treeman sitting on a payphone eating a hotdog."
kevin argued, "i didn't create you!" and simultaneously in the universe, not apprehensively of course, a payphone sat on a hotdog eating a treeman...


holy photos pt.1

Packing up @ The Green Tortoise (San Fran)

w/ Gardner, Owner of The Green Tortoise

Breakfast at the Slack Ranch (Napa Valley)

Breakfast @ Hellarity (Oakland)

Brett with the Little Holies, Fair and Whitman

We are docked in San Diego for the next week......


the is the way to tuesday

west coast, a barbados of sorts

a beirut, a palestine.....
not so much, but really, a lot like that.

how the plantation grows is not up, but out and in




yeah, like clock bosses

like it isn't like that

it IS time junkie, no metaphor

e.t. is alive and short as all hell with a life time of vietnams, so fucking rock and roll you mother fucker

rock and roll

my penis is exactly what i need right now, that 8 year old security blanket
fiddle with my weiner and i am a child again, secure and berated

starchild tastes like chicken

we are pyromaniac masochists and i am in love with my fire.

Oakland, why the fuck are you still standing? Ain't nobody got no rage?

time to go to work, i guess.


Resistance Rising!

Resisance Rising! 

Resistance Rising is a look into our lives with an incomplete but
comprehensive critique with a foundation in primitivist thought. To be
a radical, is to be at the root, to search for the foundations of the
systems of control, and to dismantle them. At this point, leftism has
proven itself to be reliant upon failing, and worse yet, grounded in
the maintenance of systematic manipulation.We, as radicals, must go
deeper, and began to cast off our ideological shackles that have bound
us to a history of repetition and drudgery. Resistance is not
revolution. Revolution, even the most radical ones we have been taught
about, at times requires ideologies that bind us into boxes, crushing any
creativity and true desire, secretly creating hierarchies of
importance with our own lives. Resistance comes from a deeper, more
primal place.

As anarchists, we must look through the lens of history at face value.
We should not accept that our struggle is the struggle of a working
class, or any class, rather, a complete and total abandonment of class
structure. We seek to find anti-authoritarian, participatory paths of
deconstruction of not only capitalism, but civilized hierarchy itself.
The discussions we have set forth focus on a range of topics, with
this as our foundation.

Radical Parenting for those with and without children:  A discussion
about raising lives together, and stopping the cycles of

Poetics beyond the spectacle: Using language as a tool, not a crutch.
Art as resistance, not commodity. Destroy the academy!

Anti-Civ Philosophy/Primal Action: using a grounding of anti-civ
thought to move into actions and discourse.

Insurrectionary Primitive!: maintaining primal war critiques within
the current fields of resistance. Black Bloc, occupations, illegalism
and solidarity with global insurrection.

Rising Above Ground/Strengthening the Underground: understanding our
intent, and using our leverage above ground to provide support for the

This Screaming Earth: of mountain tops and ocean floors:
environmental issues, the falsity of "going green", the current
resistance (ELF, ALF, EF!, other), and what we believe.

END:CIV: Film This Groundbreaking film, by Franklin Lopez of
Submedia.tv takes 5 of the premises of Endgame, by Derrick Jensen, and
delves in depth those ideas. It goes far beyond the standard Jensen
line, and brings in some of the strongest voices of the indigenous
resistance and the deep green resistance.

workshops followed by performances by: Barely Free Partial Prisoners

holy!holy!holy! up the fight tour 2010 w/ barely-free partial prisoners

we're hitting the road for a 7 week tour of the western united snakes in November and December with our good friend barely-free partial prisoners in support of our new album, Up the Fight! we will be playing music as well as featuring Resistance Rising! discussions on certain dates. if you would like to have holy!holy!holy! play your city, contact us at theholybrigade@gmail.com.
Listed below are our booked shows for this tour:

November 1 - Eugene Free Skool 299 Garfield, Eugene, OR
November 2 - Interview on Anarchy Radio w/ Jphn Zerzan http://www.johnzerzan.net/radio/
November 4 - Arcata, CA at a House, TBA
November 5 - Napa Valley Community College 2277 Napa Vallejo HWY, Napa CA 94558
November 5 - Chris's Club 656 Benicia Road, Vallejo, CA 94591
November 6 - Hellarity 57th & MLK, Oakland, CA
November 7 - House Show at 215 Storey St. Santa Cruz, CA
November 9 - Fernwood 47200 HWY 1, Big Sur, CA
November 10 - Henry Miller Library Big Sur, CA
November 12 - UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
November 17 - House Show in San Diego, CA w. Di Nigunin (details TBA)
November 19 - Che Cafe San Diego, CA 9500 Gilman Dr. La Jolla, CA 92093
November 20 - Dry River Collective 740 N. Main, Tuscon, AZ 85705
November 23 - Phoenix Class War Council Phoenix, AZ TBA
November 24 - House Show Phoenix, AZ TBA
November 25 - No Thanks!giving at Taala Hooghan Infoshop 1700 n. 2nd St. Flagstaff, AZ
November 26 - Sundance's Place, 116 N Montezuma St, Prescott, AZ
November 27 - Black Mesa Indigenous Support!
November 29 - Prescott College w/ David Rovics Prescott, AZ
November 30 - UNM Albuquerque, NM
December 4 - Ground Up Arts Collective, 1051 East 2nd Ave Durango, CO
December 6 - The Outpost, Denver, CO
December 7 - Bar Bar, Denver, CO
December 8 - Colorado U, Boulder, CO
December 11 - The Underground, 7730 south oak street (480 west), Salt Lake City, UT

we will post updates to this schedule as they come, so check back with us for details. enjoy the music, up the fight!, do what you do and love what iS to you.


"Up The Fight" now available

If you would like us to mail you our new album... click the obnoxious "Buy Now" button to the right. We know... we know... but friends in the mid-west, east coast and beyond want one, so fuck it!!!
($10 includes s&h, but if you live outside of the U.S., try to throw down a little more to cover the extra postage.)