Resistance Rising!

Resisance Rising! 

Resistance Rising is a look into our lives with an incomplete but
comprehensive critique with a foundation in primitivist thought. To be
a radical, is to be at the root, to search for the foundations of the
systems of control, and to dismantle them. At this point, leftism has
proven itself to be reliant upon failing, and worse yet, grounded in
the maintenance of systematic manipulation.We, as radicals, must go
deeper, and began to cast off our ideological shackles that have bound
us to a history of repetition and drudgery. Resistance is not
revolution. Revolution, even the most radical ones we have been taught
about, at times requires ideologies that bind us into boxes, crushing any
creativity and true desire, secretly creating hierarchies of
importance with our own lives. Resistance comes from a deeper, more
primal place.

As anarchists, we must look through the lens of history at face value.
We should not accept that our struggle is the struggle of a working
class, or any class, rather, a complete and total abandonment of class
structure. We seek to find anti-authoritarian, participatory paths of
deconstruction of not only capitalism, but civilized hierarchy itself.
The discussions we have set forth focus on a range of topics, with
this as our foundation.

Radical Parenting for those with and without children:  A discussion
about raising lives together, and stopping the cycles of

Poetics beyond the spectacle: Using language as a tool, not a crutch.
Art as resistance, not commodity. Destroy the academy!

Anti-Civ Philosophy/Primal Action: using a grounding of anti-civ
thought to move into actions and discourse.

Insurrectionary Primitive!: maintaining primal war critiques within
the current fields of resistance. Black Bloc, occupations, illegalism
and solidarity with global insurrection.

Rising Above Ground/Strengthening the Underground: understanding our
intent, and using our leverage above ground to provide support for the

This Screaming Earth: of mountain tops and ocean floors:
environmental issues, the falsity of "going green", the current
resistance (ELF, ALF, EF!, other), and what we believe.

END:CIV: Film This Groundbreaking film, by Franklin Lopez of
Submedia.tv takes 5 of the premises of Endgame, by Derrick Jensen, and
delves in depth those ideas. It goes far beyond the standard Jensen
line, and brings in some of the strongest voices of the indigenous
resistance and the deep green resistance.

workshops followed by performances by: Barely Free Partial Prisoners

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