Part II: Portland to Austin

Here are pictures for the first half of our tour.  There are periods of time missing, but the other holies will eventually fill in the holes.  We are currently in Brooklyn with one more show tonight before we offically start our journey back home.  Tomorrow we play in Toledo, OHIO!!!! So we will be driving through the night... the morning... and hopefully make it there in the afternoon...fingers crossed!!!!

Zach painting at the Big Top Vortex Family Circus (Vernonia, OR)

 Alyssa always getting the tiny winding mountain roads

 Aminata's Wall of Fame (Eugene, OR)

 Johhny B's (Medford, OR)

 Holy shadows

 Angela and her co-pilot

 Morning meditation at the Slack Ranch (Napa, CA)

 Driving into the Bay...and the fucking Netflix that we failed to return for over two weeks.

 An afternoon with an alchemist (Pacifica, CA)

 The Faery Ring (Holy City, CA)  This place was beautiful, creepy and pretty intense.

 The Holy Roller

 May Day (Los Angeles, CA)

 May Day March (Los Angeles, CA)

 Rabia al Sistema (Los Angela, CA)

 Circle Pit (Los Angeles, CA)

 Whitman passed out after his May Day awesomeness.

 Fire ceremony at Infest (Los Angeles, CA)

 Going to the beach with a few of the Ninja's (San Diego, CA)

Michael tattoed Irish Paul from the Ninja Lair (San Diego, CA)

 and he did Ninja Erin's first tattoo as well... (San Diego, CA)


 That Damned Band's House of Oddities (Austin, TX)

Our reunion with Unit VI... we had our scary bus caravan for almost two days. (Austin, TX)

More photos to come!!!!
Our tour is morphing a bit so check our schedule (upper right-hand box on blog) for any updated shows/dates.

Just over three weeks left...

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